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Providing State Licensed and County Approved Alcohol, Drug, DUI, and Anger Management Services since 1981.  "Se habla espanol"

Care Clinics, Inc. utilizes the What's Good About Anger counseling program which is an evidenced based program (EBP).  Professional staff providing anger management assessments, education, and counseling are certified by the National Anger Management Association (NAMA) as Certified Anger Management Specialists (CAMS II).  Care Clinics professional staff are specialists in the field of anger management.  If you are concerned about your ability to manage your anger or your anger has resulted in personal loss involving marital conflict, parent/child relationship and/or other relationship problems, employment problems, or involvement in criminal court we are here to help you! 

"Anger, though potentially harmful, can be transformed into a positive force accomplishing great good in our lives."  - Ted Griffin & Lynette Hoy

As the quote above indicates everybody has ability to let ones anger become harmful but we can learn to change our anger response.  Our professional staff with begin with a comprehensive anger management evaluation then determine what recommendations are needed.  All treatment begins with a plan and includes the patient's needs and desires for a successful outcome.  Care Clinics can provide 6, 8, and 16 week counseling programs depending on client need and desired outcome.

"An angry life is usually a miserable life."  - Ronald Potter-Efron

Service Fees

Anger Management Evaluation - $125.00
Anger Management Counseling - $45.00 per 45 minute session
Anger Management Group Counseling (need at least 5 clients attending session to qualify) - $25.00 per hour, 2 hours per group  

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